Chapter 2 of Anything Is Out There

Chapter 2           Are we alone?       

 After a small appetizer of worms and grubs, they carefully wrapped the rest up and the children fell into an uneasy sleep, the twins started to dream a peaceful dream: “I will never let you get hurt,” said Robin and Claris’ mum nestling them contently to her chest, “I will never leave you or let go out of my reach.”  But suddenly the scene changed: there was a weak woman laying a bed, fragile and white as a sheet…                                                           The scene changed once again but in the same room the, sheets were crumpled but no figure lay there, slowly but gradually their eyes moved across to the window; were laid an oval shaped patch of upturned earth next to this; stood vast cross which read:

Here lies Martha Crovers a loving wife to Derek Crovers and a devoted mother to the offspring Robin and Claris. She will be missed dearly by everyone around her; she will always be remembered…

 Suddenly, they woke up to find all of their stuff had been taken by someone, as well as there sweet little horse: Nutmeg, and replaced with circles of nails. But they weren’t in the forest either; they were in a small dim light room well that is what they thought. Swinging vibrantly hang a picture of a tall thin man in a decrepit frame. The old wall-paper peeled in the most despicable way; there were smashed ornaments all over the floor space; except for a single china horse that looked the same as their dear companion Nutmeg. They placed there trembling hands upon its stained china back, unexpectedly the horses head moved. The shadowy room started to move continually: rocking them side to side. “Help me, help me robin,” cried Claris “where are we?” they heard a CRASH! BANG! WOLAP!   At that moment, the door swag open and there was blinding light, tumbling out of the night-mare room, a tall person stood in their path way…


Written by Peggy, Ellie and Izzy

To be continued...



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Comment 1 Comment by Lucy B on 13 Dec 13 at 4:47pm | Quote this comment
Hello!! It's Lucy from KLB who used to go to this school. I read these magnificent chapters called "Anything is out there" It's really nice to know that there has been some excellent story writing since I left! By the way I like the new names for the classes and the new background. Thank-you so much Ellie, Peggy and Izzy for writing this. :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 15 Dec 13 at 4:41pm | Quote this comment
Hi Lucy!

It's brilliant to hear from you and quite a few of your friends since leaving last summer. I'm really impressed to read your positive comments aimed at the girls - I'm sure it will encourage them to write further. Please continue to comment and stick around the blogs.

Girls, a great second chapter. It would be even better if you'd read through and just checked it made sense in some parts - a couple of words are missing and don't read in a way that makes sense.

Keep up the good work!

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