The Mythical Island!

There once was a girl called Tiffany. On Tiffany’s birthday her granddad gave her an ancient mythical book. She dreamed to have this book. She went upstairs excitedly and opened the book. “I’ve always wanted to a mythical island but my dream never comes true” she sighed.


She read her book until she went on the last page. THERE WAS A MESSAGE! The message said “When you say the magical words you will travel to unknown place.” Tiffany jumped around happily and said “that’s what I just need. To travel to an unknown place!”


Suddenly there was a big portal entrance in her room…. “Coooool! I have
to tell my mum… Or… maybe I shouldn’t. Oh well here I go… from that moment on there was a massive BANG! Her parents and her granddad heard the bang and came running up the staircase urgently.

When they got there it was too late! Tiffany was gone….


Read more next week! Where will tiffany end up?

By Gwen and Michelle

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 10 Dec 13 at 1:15pm | Quote this comment
A fast-paced, intensive start - well done, Michelle and Gwen! It's great to see you using the blog to show off your writing passion. I'll be looking out for 'Part 2'!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Jones on 10 Dec 13 at 1:19pm | Quote this comment
I can't wait to find out where they go to! It would, also, be interesting to find out what the portal looks like - and a good opportunity for you to show your descriptive writing.

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