The times grate record!

On Monday the 25th of December 2015 a factory made the world’s greatest, largest cheese grater. They were doing an experiment to see how much money they could earn from putting a brand new sparkling cheese grater in store.

Measures and size

This fabulous cheese grater is a whopping … 600 cm tall! Also its 900 meters wide!

Read on next week for another update on the brand new the times electronic cracker!


Made by Eloise and Michelle

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Comment 1 Comment by Eloise W on 06 Dec 13 at 12:56pm | Quote this comment
I love it mimi cant wait to here about the ...elotronic cracker ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Ellen B on 10 Dec 13 at 12:53pm | Quote this comment
great idea michelle and eloise. :P

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