A Grate rescue

Last week , on Sunday 25th May, a fire grate was discovered in the backyard of  seagull House. This house has been around for centuries, it was first owned by a Tudor lady called Ann Wilson.

The fire grate is believed to have come from tudor times and is rare and valuable. It was rescued by Jane Smith the current owner, while digging up potatoes. 

jane said  " I was very surprised while digging up my potatoes, to find a metal object which turned out to be a rare fire grate from Tudor time"

The plan is now to display the grate in Bristol museum. Tony Corothers, owner of the museum said. " I am delighted to be able to display this very rare and beautiful fire grate to the people of  Bristol."

It is hoped that people enjoy this different and wonderful rescued fire grate


By Isabelle



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Comment 1 Comment by Mrs Arnold on 27 Nov 13 at 9:16pm | Quote this comment
Isabelle, you are the first to respond to this blog! Well done for thinking of an interesting story behind the headline and for starting with a complex sentence!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 28 Nov 13 at 10:30am | Quote this comment
I was also pleased to see the most recent learning on speech entering into Isabelle's home learning - great stuff!

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