life of a cupcake-part 2

Then he remembered what he had watched on the TV the night before: Peter Pan!!He’d seen how to work the bike on the computer so he simply turned the carrot key and the engine started growling as he hit the BIG RED BUTTON (its big and red) and he shot off the ground like the man in the jack in the box “to the jolly roger” yelled at the of his voice and shot through the wispy clouds. After a great episode of south park (on the bike TV) he realised he was plummeting straight for the ship but then he realized it wasn’t a ship Jim expecting it was an air ship. As he slowly drifted to deck he saw it was called jolly ROCKER not Rodger but Jim didn’t mind because he was in need of an adventure…

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 17 Jul 13 at 7:34am | Quote this comment
Sarah, I am so impressed with the way that you have used high level literary techniques to create such a humorous and, seemingly, easy reading story. Brilliant!

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