Unanswered questions! Chapter 7!

                                                   Chapter 7

Holly swung the door open and as she was about to lock it she saw out of the corner of her eye, the doll waved whilst saying

"Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye..." Continuously.

Holly slammed the door shut and locked it vigerously. She ran down the stairs and saw her Granny snoring away on her creame armchair stuffed with feathers like swans. She looked at the clock and the time said 10:27pm. She started to tiptoe down the corridor then she heard a noise

"Hello, hello, hello..." It sounded like the wind up doll.

Holly ignored it thinking that it was her imagination. She stepped into her green dull room and switched on her bed side lamp. Holly slid her body in to her flowery victorian bed (still with her clothes on) and tried to get to sleep with the wind up doll in her mind.

After 1 hour and 44minuets of trying to sleep Holly was still awake. She stared at the time it said 12:11pm. She yauhned and started to listen to the clock tick away. Till an noise intrupted it.

"Night night, night night, night night..."

Holly cirled up in a ball creeped out. Still frightend she looked under the bed and saw the doll staring into her bewildered eyes...

The end of book one.


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 15 Jul 13 at 4:36pm | Quote this comment
Esme and Molly, what a terrific ending to your first book. I love the way that you have described the eerie doll simply by explaining the way it is looking at your character.

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