Time - My 300 word homework story.


Butterflies flew elegant circles around my incredibly knotted stomach. Glinting drops of salty water rolled swiftly down my red hot face. I clenched my fists. This really isn’t as hard as I think it is; right? Suddenly, it’s all going to go. Like it was never here. However, that was not the case. That was not reality. My feet began to whack the floor, in time with my vicious heartbeat. We were plodding at a gentle pace down to the silent hall. Motionless tables sitting there, the hum of the air conditioning and the threateningly sharp pencils lying in wait. It had all happened before. Except once in practice. SATS.    

Trying not to show my fear, I slipped my battered chair from under the table and cautiously lowered myself into it. I fumbled with my pencil as the test paper span gracefully through the air, floating downwards. It slapped the table. Once it was facing me I slowly wrote my name...T…o…m. As I wrote my last name I pressed down, very violently, too violently. Many heads turned and stared at me, right through me after there had been an ear-piercing crack from the end of my pencil. Having decided that my shoes were very interesting and gazed glumly at the lases. Why me? Always? Tick-tock time drifted away…

Two months on from that very tedious occasion I was strolling across my luscious front lawn whistling contently to myself. Walking towards the door, dancing about in a graceful manner I took in all of the happy summer scenery. I did a little shuffle on the door step – left foot over right and vice versa – before carefully placing my hand down on the gleaming handle. Swinging the door wide open, I shouted in a triumphant voice, “5A, 6B, and 6C!” Wow!

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