Unanswered questions! Chapter 4.

                                                         Chapter 4

A box slammed on the floor behind her, Holly swung her head around. There was a clown standing in front of her ocean-blue eyes. She could see, RED nose. RED hair. RED eyes. BLOOD.

"I've been waiting for you Holly." Said the clown with an evil giggle.

"Hhhhhhow do..... you know" Questioned Holly.

"ah! you will never know that! lets play a game."

The clown started juggling knives.

"I get three aims, If I fail with all three aims you win and you can pick a prize not including killing me." he exlaimed

"But if you win?" Asked Holly

"Well you would be let's say dead..."

"Okay" answered Holly.

With the clown's first aim Holly slided to the right. The knife digged into the cobwebbed wall. The clown sighed. It came to his second aim Holly ducked. The clown started to get very angry as he wasn't succeeding. However he had a plan for his third aim...

But what Holly didn't realise was that this wasn't just a game... 


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