unanswered questions! Chapter 6

                                                           chapter 6

Tears started to trickle down her Rosy cheeks. As that happens the glow appears.

"Hello is that the ghost?" asked Holly

"Yes" answered the ghost

"And you appear to be struggling" She continued.

"I'am, do you know where the key is?"

The ghost pointed to the oak box then flew away. Holly picked the box and tried to open it it was still locked.

" The key!"

Holly picked up the key then unlocked it. Tacking the key out she heard a noise coming from behind. she turned her head then saw a wind up doll waving with its metal hand.

"Hello" said holly picking it up.

"owww!" Screamed Holly.

As the doll bite her hand. Its mouth was leaking with blood. Holly dropped the doll and slided the key into the lock... 

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Comment 1 Comment by Sarah C on 09 Jul 13 at 5:40pm | Quote this comment
Wow thats a great chapter but its creepy :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Jones on 10 Jul 13 at 10:57am | Quote this comment
I agree Sarah. But I quite like the creepy part of the story!

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