Unanswered questions! Chapter 5

                                                           Chapter 5

With the third aim there was a glowing light coming from the darkness. A luminescent girl appeared hovering in the air. This was what the clown couldn't see as he was still concentrating on where he would throw the knife.

"I will help you escape but you must do a favour for me." The ghost offered.

As the clown was concentrating so much, he didn't notice that Holly was speaking.

"What sort of favour?" Holly questioned in a confused way.

"Find my heart...!" The ghost replied, then suddenly untied the rope and swooped away.

As the clown through the knife Holly leaped to the right dodging the dagger. The clown started to yell.


"As I have won my prize is the key to open the attic door." Holly said annoying the clown.

The clown passed the key but as he was about to leave Holly said

"...and a clue for the ghost's heart you stole"

The clown started to growl and moaned

"I'ts in this house" Then he ran off.


she started to unlock the door but the key didn't fit in... 


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