Countdown - chapter 10 by Leo & Hayden

                                             Chapter 10

Hopefully, and I stress the word ‘hopefully’, our plan would work and we remember all the stuff we need. However, that was a big if: some of it relied on luck but most on Taylor and, I hate to say, Marvo’s genius. Right now Britain’s most wanted criminal was cruising comically down the M25 with two passengers swarming with nerves in the back. I picked up a glock 18 automatic pistol, expertly loaded, and clicked the safety on then passed it to Marvo in the front. He had to only glance to be able to tell it was loaded and safe.

Cars full of indifferent, innocent people whizzed past not knowing what there were driving into. Not knowing what we were going to try to do. Green, flowering trees scrolled past, cowering under the further blackening grey clouds, swirling above. Startling me, a silver Citroën swerved out in front and Marvo had to brake hard. Skidding to a halt, seething marks throbbed on the everyday road; we slammed into the seats in front of us painfully. As a mass of screeching honking cars careered past Marvo began to step into the tyre smoke and chaos, livid and enraged, but Taylor grabbed him like a python and shot him a murderous warning look. He sat down heavily and pulled out onto the road earning, yet again, a volley of sirens.

We drove slowly down the slip road, then weaved cautiously through the thriving streets of London. Marvo parked us on an empty floor of a multi-storey car park, having avoided paying. They needed to make vital preparations.



Hot and stuffy, the Russian president prepared anxiously, in no hurry to get to the peace summit. He strutted stiffly out of his posh room noticing out of place ugly scaffolding barring the delicate window. Wondering what was happening to these most important buildings: the houses of parliament. But he tried to put that aside. He had a much more significant matter at hand…


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