Countdown - Chapter 9 by Leo and Hayden

                                                     Chapter 9

There was a thunderous rumble as air force one swooped into land on the private runway at Heathrow. President Obama was sat, in what looked like a practised posture, waiting patiently; in no apparent rush to leave the excessively spacious, luxurious aircraft. As the plane ‘squealed’ to a halt he snapped close the lid of his laptop and let his secretary take it gently from its perch on his knees. He then stood up tall and padded silently to the doorway. It whirred open and he was met with lashing rain, which fell like pins on his back. Soon after he was accompanied by his secretary handling an umbrella and his four body guards followed close behind…

On the other side of London a slick train rattled into west minster station carrying precious cargo. The French foreign affairs minister stepped confidently on to platform five tailed and headed by several bodyguards. It was also raining here. He strutted swiftly across to the exit and made his way to the houses of parliament…

All over London V.I.Ps were landing, pulling into a station or docking and making their way to parliament; and of course if you haven’t already realised they were being watched every step of the way. By who? Well, you’ll have to work that out on your own steam.


Awestruck, I stared in disbelief at the complicated authentic plans crisp and curled at the edges. This couldn’t be happening. We, (Cleo, Marv’ and I) were the only ones who knew about this. A lot of pressure was resting like weights on our shoulders. If we failed we would start a war, if we didn’t do anything, we would start a war. There was no way out apart from to stop this from happening. And we needed to get started right away.

A conference between the world leaders would take place in a couple of days. You may be able to guess what is going to happen. You may not. Also, a strange coincidence was that my birthday coincided with the conference. However, I had to keep that quiet. I had to forget about that: I didn’t need any more to think about. Tomorrow we set off to London to make sure the world was kept at peace…

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 28 Jun 13 at 12:41pm | Quote this comment
Boys, I really like the way that the end of your Chapter echoes the end of your previous Chapter,l tying them both together.
Have you read Esme and Molly's post? I think you will enjoy it and it would be great if you could leave a comment.
Comment 2 Comment by Miss Davies on 30 Jun 13 at 5:47pm | Quote this comment
This is amazing writing boys, you should be very proud.

Fantastic use of description, punctuation and purposeful vocabulary to really captivate the reader and leave them wanting to read more; it certainly had that affect on me.

I will read it to my class on Monday to show them how obvious hard work and dedication pays off and leads to becoming truly successful and talented learners; it will give them all something to strive towards. Well done again.

Miss Davies
Comment 3 Comment by Esme K on 06 Jul 13 at 8:01am | Quote this comment
That is great I love the sentence openers :lol:

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