unanswered questions! by Esme K and Molly w

                                                         chapter 1

Kicking stones on the way Holly was walking to her Granny's house. She was 13 years old and had just finished school, she loved walking. Her only family was her granny she was walking with her friend, she lightly kicked a stone;her friend kicked harder (she was bored). She arrived at her Granny's.

"Bye!"she groaned and stepped through the door that her grandmother always left open.

"Hello granny"

"Oh hello my dear"croaked her grandmother

"Shall I get you a cup of tea?"asked Holly

"Oh...yes please" she replied Holly switched on the t.v for her granny and tucked her in her arm chair. Holly had to do every thing for her granny, considering she had dementia. Making a cup of tea, Holly heard a creaking noise coming from the attic. She stirred the mug and left it. Whilst it was cooling down Holly went to investigate...

Consequently, she opened the door to the dim-lit attic and turned on the flickering lights. At the back of the dusty, old attic was a cardboard box. As she opened it she felt a sense of forbidding fear surrounding her. She unwrapped newspaper off a cubed shape. It was a diminutive, oak wooden box with leaves carved around the outside of it. Holly was about to open the splintering box. Is there a necklace? Is there a key taking you to a magical land? All these unanswered questions popped into Holly's mind as she lifted the lid...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 28 Jun 13 at 12:38pm | Quote this comment
Esme and Molly, what a fantastic blog entry! I am really impressed by the way that you have made everyday routines, like stirring a cup of tea, sound interesting and engaging. I can't wait for Chapter 2
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 29 Jun 13 at 9:09pm | Quote this comment
Great first chapter, girls. Some nice turns of phrase and I'm wondering whether granny is going to be who we might expect her to be?

'Diminutive' also brought a smile to my face ;)

Roll on Chapter 2... please!
Comment 3 Comment by Hayden B on 30 Jun 13 at 3:54pm | Quote this comment
Well done. I wonder what's going to happen next?

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