Life of a cupcake-part one

Jimmy was a cupcake. He was an awesome cupcake. He was a triple choc caramel cupcake. But he was bored. “Mum I’m bored” he groaned up the stairs.

“It’s your problem not mine” she yelled back. Jim (still bored) slammed the front door and wondered round the corner to be met by his dream bike – a banana bike!!!!!! This wasn’t an ordinary banana bike it was a flobalob banana bike which meant it could fly. Jim hopped on it and wondered what he could get up to…



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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 04 Jul 13 at 2:21pm | Quote this comment
Sarah, what a great start - I want to read on! It is really difficult to write comedy, but you have nailed it :lol:

Perhaps some pictures would go well with this story. If you drew some we could scan them to the Blog posts.
Comment 2 Comment by Florence on 04 Jul 13 at 3:17pm | Quote this comment
Nice post! God luck with the next part of your fantastic story! :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Ace M on 04 Jul 13 at 6:31pm | Quote this comment
It may be short but it very descriptive and HILARIOUS :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Lucy B on 05 Jul 13 at 5:09pm | Quote this comment
PLEASE write more!! I want to find out what happens next!! HILARIOUS!! :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Esme K on 06 Jul 13 at 8:10am | Quote this comment
well done that's so funny I so want to read more! :D :lol:

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