Countdown - Chapter 7 by leo & hayden & Oliver W

Before the first of the awesome flames began to flicker up from the floor I had already stolen most of the illegible (apart from to geniuses) blueprints. All I could make out was that something bad was going to happen. Was that my problem? Maybe Taylor could help? No. I did not beg for help from Taylor. Not anymore.

 Smashing the window was not an easy task, it was seemingly solid. Shards of glass skittered across the grass, reflecting in the silver eye of the moon, like ice. I rolled down the embankment, confronted by three guards. Unfortunately for them, they would go home with unbearable headaches. If they made it out alive.

I launched up from my roll, rugby tackling the first. I followed up with a volley of swift punches. Sensing a punch about to land on the back of my head I pulled the outstretched arm, flinging them over my shoulder. Two guards in front, one behind. I sprang upwards, spinning in mid-air taking out the guard behind with a brutal kick. Turning I noticed the second man standing up, wobbling slightly, dazed. I took a jump. Then, grabbing his head, slammed it fatally down on my knee, nose crunching, blood spurting everywhere. Briskly I strolled away like in the movies. Exploding flames behind me…

                                          *           *          *

We used to be bored. Watching movies over and over. Bored. But no. Not anymore. We shared anxious thoughts instead. The Worried looks that he sent at me sent a chill shiver down my spine. What was he waiting for? Why was he pacing up and down methodically? Why?

I peered out of the gloomy window. What was that floating gracefully down from the sky? Snow?! Surely not. The reddening leaves were wrenched from the swaying trees as the prominent wind swept through the woods bringing the ‘snow’ with it.

I heard the sound of footsteps on the grainy gravel… Someone was here.

we will not be doing questions as we have not had enough replies

Oliver W has been 'employed' to help us!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 24 May 13 at 1:09pm | Quote this comment
Oliver being "employed" sounds like a masterstroke to me; I know that he will be able to make your extraordinary writing even better.

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