'Countdown' - Chapter 6 by Leo & Hayden

Chapter 6

Now I had what I was looking for, I was undefeatable. My lips twisted into a cruel sneer as I slowly slithered towards Ric’s place. Luxurious cars begged me to take them for a cruise, swiftly, I blocked out that train of thought: I was on a mission. A very important mission.


Cautiously I edged into the hall carefully handling a brass drum. I could hear the satisfactory sound of oil sloshing around inside. I stopped dead. Footsteps. I careered round the corner smashing the guard in the stomach with the drum. I quickly followed up with an excruciating blow to the base of the nose before touching his pressure point. He fell instantly to the floor, dazed. Instantly I picked up the drum and stepped over the limp body, rushing to finish the job at hand.


As fast as I could I spread the oil everywhere, over the furniture, down the curtains, on the floor and the walls. I dropped the drum, letting it clang on the floor.


“Don’t try to creep up on me!” I smiled and spun round clasping the gun in there hand and twisting it from their grip. With a gruesome crunch the butt of the sub-machine gun connected with their shoulder. I picked him up and slammed him down – unfortunately for him.


Strolling into Ric’s study, I smiled: this would be interesting! My mouth suddenly dropped open. Something terrible was going to happen in London. The smouldering cigarette dropped from my mouth. It was a BIG mistake.

                                                           *  *  *

 Eventually we made it. The small place that my brother and I had lived in for a while was just the same as we had left it. Thatched and in the mysterious woods, it looked like something from a fairy tale. Except it was not. Not even close. Cracks snaked down the window, grass grew wild unkemptly. The path (well, what used to be the path) was littered with infectious weeds.


Cautiously I crept up to the used to be sturdy oak door and clasped the handle. Did I really want to see what was behind the door? Did I? I burst through into a cloud of dust witch swarmed over me. Once wafted away it disappeared, out into the open world. It took a while for my eyes to a just to the gloom.  I immediately regretted it. Tears began to roll slowly down my rosy cheeks. Memories. I felt a reassuring hand on my shoulder and nodded in agreement. Bad memories.


Remembering that I had come to do something, I rushed towards the cupboards and yanked them open. Protesting weakly, it made an ominous creaking sound when it was opened. Clouds of swirling dust erupted from inside like a nuclear explosion. Rust covered the hinges, all of which threatened to snap. Franticly I ransacked the cupboards desperate to find what I needed.


As if it was beaming at me in heavenly light, I found it. Well part of it. I sank down to my knees and shivered uncontrollably, my eyes wide and staring straight ahead. He had taken it.


Next week we will not be doing the writing as we have SATs! Enjoy!

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Perhaps next week you can put your incredible talents solely towards your SATs and the week after...
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