The world of Norm Book review

The world of norm is great book for 9-12 year old When I read it I embarrassingly laughed out loud.There is a lot of humorous books for children at the moment but this one is certainly one of the best!

many people rely on blurbs to get them into a book but just in case you're not satisfied i’ll let you read the blurb as well!

Forced to move house, watch his little brothers get whatever they desire and being blamed for everything that goes wrong, Norm gets desperate – and all he wants is a pimped-up bike. So when £100 falls into his hands, who could blame Norm for taking advantage of his best friend Mikey and his dad? However, all is not plain sailing for Norm and his mission to improve his bike. He has to figure out how to get the parts without his parents noticing and how, eventually, to repay Mikey’s dad. He enlists the help of his annoying neighbour, Chelsea, and his grandad.

All seems to be coming together, until his parents find out about Norm’s secrecy and how he acquired the windfall. Norm faces losing his best friend and his dream bike before he’s even got it, but all is not lost as Norm’s family becomes closer through his honesty. And Norm is even treated to something quite special as his parents realise how their son is struggling to cope with the move.

boys and girls loved the Diary of a wimpy kid, an everyday life of a boy, but this is exceptionally good, amazing life of a boy who lives in an ordinary house, with an ordinary family and an ordinary life, nearly.

This book was the best book i ever read, I would recommend it to any boy or girl i see anywhere.  


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Ed, great to see you celebrating a book for its primary purpose - fun and enjoyment!

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