'Countdown' - Chapter 3 by Leo and Hayden

I sat up. My head pounded. My body stung. I was alive! I lay back down, careful not to move too quickly, as a jolt of unimaginable pain could have careered down my body; however, I would not let that happen. I wanted to see what had transpired. Slowly and cautiously I stood up leaning against a nearby tree for support. I stopped dead and stared in horror at the mass of bloody bandages strung across my chest. Where was everyone? Debris covered the road randomly, a result of what had happened earlier. All I could remember, before losing consciousness, was being hauled across the road and a colossal explosion behind me. Then… nothing.

“Taylor, sit down,” a voice said, soft but stubborn, “You need to rest.” When I turned I did so too swiftly and fell to my knees, teeth clasped firmly together. Closing my eyes (trying to shut out the pain) I thought ‘Whoever made this happen will pay. Dearly.’ Seething with anger, I managed to croak, “What happened?” However before I got an answer I was flat out; exhausted after what had turned out to be a life-changing day. I was unconscious within the minute.

                                                                *      *      *

Luckily, we had just about made it into this dimly-lit cave before an ear-piercing noise erupted in my ears. Searing light blinded us as I had watched, transfixed. Multiple masked men surrounded us and demanded our names. I told them and we were immediately taken to the private hospital down the road.

That had been the most scary couple hours in my life and after being treated myself I had gone to see Taylor – who was still unconscious. Just the other day I had been wondering how I would cope without him. I might be about to find out. As I mourned over his limp body, with many bandages covering his bare torso, I watched day by day as he was losing the fight to live. The doctors had said ‘It was likely he would perish but with his strong, brave heart still beating there was a slight chance that he would survive.’

As I stepped out of the most depressing room I had ever been in I was pleasantly surprised to see Colonel Stevens.

“WHAT?” I shouted, shocked, after I had just heard even more infuriating news. “That is not possible; he was in the safest prison in the world”

“The guards did not know how malicious and devious he could be. I am sorry.” The police officer mumbled, dropping his head.

“Sorry is not enough,” I screamed “Send all of your best men out to find him. He can’t have gone far.” Bowing his head the police man backed out of the room hesitantly. A tidal wave of emotions cascaded down over my head; slowly I sank down onto my knees, overwhelmed. How would I tell Taylor, if he woke up? He was unstable anyway so how would he take it? This was bad. Incredibly bad. We had one of the world’s most dangerous criminals out to get us, not to mention we had no protection and Taylor was an easy target. Would we survive a second time?

We are not doing questions as we have not had enough replies. Enjoy!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 12 Apr 13 at 1:12pm | Quote this comment
I'm really impressed by the way that you are experimenting with vey short sentence structures. You are at that point in your writing where you are able to break a few rules very effectively.

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