What book shall I read?

In class NZ we have been learning about contemporary fiction, in our first lesson we sampled some extracts from these types of books. We also looked on a website featuring some of these books:




Highly original, this is a stunning debut picture book which celebrates creativity and difference while also serving as a touching introduction to the idea that people leave

5+ Monster And Chips

Fans of The Wimpy Kid will love this delightfully disgusting and dangerous story about what happens when Joe sets out to buy some chips from McGreasy’s takeaway.

7+ victory Dogs

 London in the Blitz is not a place for dogs! With bombs dropping and building collapsing, nowhere is safe. But Bark and Howl, two puppies born on the London underground know little else.

9+ The Ghostly Guinie Pig

Wittily told in words and pictures, Mariella Mystery, a totally amazing nine year detective, sets about following clues in an entertaining and action packed adventure. No mystery is too complex for Mariella...

11+ The One Dollar Horse

Blue Peter prize-winner Lauren St John tells a thrilling rags-to-riches story in this gripping story of one girl and her dream. Horse-mad Casey has only one dream: to ride a winner in the Badminton Horse trials.

14+ Race The Wind

A thrilling new horse adventure story from award-winning Lauren St John. In this sequel to The One Dollar Horse, Casey Blue is now the proud and race-winning owner of Storm, the horse she saved from...

If none of these books intrest you check out this website:


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This is really useful Teya. Maybe other people in the class could add examples of contemporary fiction they have enjoyed reading.

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