Small steps

Trembling, I stared cross-eyed at my battered space boots, tensing when I wobble. One miss step into a seemingly never ending crevice and I would be dead, left until my oxygen supply runs out. However, as I focused intently on the floor my gaze began to shift. Violently. As my skull whirled upwards I saw, to my amazement, a dazzling white light flickering gracefully in front of my doubtful eyes. The glow, it began to beckon me towards it. I became completely oblivious to the barren, desolate terrain around me.

My eyes only managed to see a flicker of light below me as my space boots slipped. Vigorously I scrambled around. Desperate to find a small gap to place my podgy fingers, I tried to stop myself turning to mush as the walls crumbled around me…

A judder brought me back to my senses. It was a dream; thankfully! Shifting over to the window, I looked out of it, my sight sweeping over gaping valleys and tapering mountains looming menacingly over the rocky landscape. I sat back in my seat, relieved. But then shot forwards again. A strange glowing light, winking at me from the rolling horizon. What is it?

Something, somewhere in my head clicked. A link, between hypnotic dreams and the over powering reality of my lucky life. Secretly, I shook in my peeling flight seat and stared out of the grimy window into the mysterious gloom, at the towering, colossal spikes, twisting out of the dusty ground. A wall of what looked like smoke billowed across the face of the planet and erupted into a cloud as it hit debris-covered cliff. Simultaneously a vast sound echoed around the glen before slamming the rocket and it veered ferociously to one side glancing a huge rock to our right. I automatically grasped the chair and wished it would swallow me into a mass swirling smoke, blinding light and an ear-pricing screech. Sweat poured down my face, evaporating as they hit the blisteringly hot floor…

I was sat, facing a magnificent planet glowing in the amber sky. In front of me there was nothing clouding my vision, so, reluctantly, I found my feet and stood staring at the glittering stars watching me as I stood awe-stricken at the sight. They were twinkling, jewels spinning in coal black space. They were like crystals, multicoloured. It was as if they had chosen me and they were waiting for my guidance. My apparently trustworthy words.

Suddenly I was engulfed in a blinding light, it felt like its gaze burning smoldering holes in my head. I fell unwillingly to my aching knees leaning out , asking it to stop…Then there was nothing…nothing at all…

Mr Jones, sorry that I got a bit carried away and wrote it too much like a story.

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