Sydney the saviour of magic

I stepped out of the rocket. Where was I? A huge, glowing ball, striped with orange colours before me. I was filled with awe and wonder as the universe spoke to me of its dreams and hopes. It whispered to me                                                                                                                             " Sydney! "I became afraid. It whispered again.                                                                                 " Sydney!"I bowed my head in fear and trepidation.                                                                                 " What do you want from me o' wonderous universe?"

Suddenly I knew what the universe wanted from me.  Shivering, I stood before the graveyard of unicorns. I could hear their souls moaning, begging me to free them.                                                                                                                                 " How?" I asked " And what am I freeing? Your bodies have rotted to little grains of dust?"  Those words sank in. Was I imagining these voices.                                                                               " "Let our spirits rise. Help us save magic before it dies" they chorused. I looked at the dusty floor, which had black metallic rocks scattered everywere,and I imagined a herd of unicorns separated from their families. Suddenly the decrepit planet erupted with a violent  shake. I kept my concentration on the unicorns. Then a nebula made of star dust and unicorns rose before me shining from the light of a distant sun. I saw before me the unicorns in their original form, a rainbow of colours danced around thanking me for the gift of freedom.

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