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To continue our Science Fiction topic, can you write a description of this Science Fiction setting.  Remember to include all of your VCOP skills and our recent Layered Targets:

Bronze: Punctuate connectives such as Firstly, next, initially with a comma at the start of a sentence e.g.

"Initially, I feared for my life."

Silver: Punctuate a complex sentence with the subordinate clause in the middle e.g.

"The rocks, emerging from the ground, towered above me."

Gold: Punctuate a range of complex sentences with the subordinate clause at the middle, beginning and end e.g

"The rocks, emerging from the ground, towered above me."

"Emerging from the ground, the rocks towered above me."

"The rocks towered above me, emerging from the ground."

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Comment 1 Comment by Hayden B on 22 Mar 13 at 7:51pm | Quote this comment
Spiralling up from the debris-covered desolate landscape, jagged and tapering rocks pierced the mournful sky like a dagger. Sand dunes loomed over me, untouched by anyone (I was the first person here, although it was by accident), far off in the distance. Abandoned rocks lay scattered around, longing to be of some use. Radiating dazzling light, the sun peeked out from behind the imperious planet in front of me. Tendrils of menacing mist snaked across the lonesome ground, swirling around my quivering feet and gobbling up everything in sight. Unforgiving cracks dauntingly shrouded the ground, careering down into the darkest depths.

The important question was: how would I get back home? Engulfed in cheerless shadows, I cowered, waiting. But waiting for what? A rescue mission? Some aliens to find and look after me? To be truthful, I didn't really know...
Comment 2 Comment by Grace on 25 Mar 13 at 1:20pm | Quote this comment
Shining brightly, the sun glimmered in the sky, whilst the dust covered the dull, dim and deserted planet. Peeping out from behind another monstrosity of a beast, the sun showed off its rays of light that where impossible to avoid. Spiraling rocks, which where as tall as skyscrapers, stood up strong and proud pointing to the heavens like church towers. They reached out towards the orange streaked planet and carried on in the distance until they turned into what seemed to be little spec's of dust, but was that really true?
Comment 3 Comment by Hal S on 28 Mar 13 at 10:28am | Quote this comment
The gleaming sun, emerging from behind the monstrous planet, shone brightly down on me. The vast Spiral-like rocks towered above me like the Empire State Building over a shed. Pebbles were scattered everywhere as if a giant had come along, thought they were bird seed, and threw them all over the place! Piercing the clouds, the mountains still climbed up towards the sky. I couldn't believe how little light was getting here with the sun directly in front! The smooth landscape stretched on and on, seeming like there was no end...
Comment 4 Comment by Lexie T on 28 Mar 13 at 3:21pm | Quote this comment
firstly I slowly walked round there stood swirls of rock like sharks teeth pointing up at the clouded dust sky. Next I noitest mars it was HUGE, moldy, maybe shiney, and like a peach. The sun was pearing under making a light. the ground started to rumbly my heart was thumping in my chest as if it was about to burst out like a booming firework taking of in the air rocks were grumbled up into little peaces they were all towered on top of me like a child sat on my back. later on a herd a muffled cry like someone had been trapped some were it was horribly I had buzzing bees in my tummy

bye lexie todd :P
Comment 5 Comment by Denny P on 01 Apr 13 at 7:23pm | Quote this comment
As I urged my way along the dusty and mind
twisting planet, shimmering, the sun gazed
at me. Swirling rocks tapering like a mountain .
Sand, hurling everywhere, bellowed in the air.
Shadows were everywhere, staring at me!
Looking around I new I was not safe, but
where could I go? :lol:
Comment 6 Comment by Dylan A on 03 Apr 13 at 9:08am | Quote this comment
Darkness filled the landscape. Only glimmers off light reflected off the vast planet that stood in front of me. Tall twisted towers of rock stood out from the dull, lifeless, landscape. Black, coal like rocks, were scattered over the misty sand filled wilderness. As I step out, all the deadly creatures slowly followed me. Eyes bulging, mouth watering and noses twitching at my sent . Suddenly, when they can wait no longer, they came charging up from the lava that lay beneath that brownish , dull collared, rock like statue … I had seen it time and time before… SNAP !!! Your gone! In preparation for this moment, I had researched how to prevent this. Hours and hours I had poured over the huge books in the ancient library of life, and discovered the way to surviving life on this peculiar place. For now, I continue to study this destination, with the hope of unlocking the secrets hidden beneath the surface.
Comment 7 Comment by Oliver M on 05 Apr 13 at 11:40am | Quote this comment
As I emerged from the dust I could see the barren landscape all around me. Initially, I felt like a tiny pebble compared to the giant planet looking down on me. As far as my eyes could see, its swirling red clouds dominated the horizon. The boulders, strewn on the ground before me, cast dark gloomy shadows. Stalagmite-like structures jetted out from the ground, even the very tip of them looked like it could kill a person with no effort at all. From my toes to my fingertips, I felt a sense of fear. I sensed something was about to happen, then as quick as a flash, the earth started shaking beneath me. What was going to happen?
Comment 8 Comment by Anna G on 05 Apr 13 at 2:14pm | Quote this comment
Sweat trickling down my forehead, I awoke from a deep sleep, to find myself surrounded by towering spikes,as sharp as knives. Warmth erupted from the unknown place's crumbling surface and mysterious whirls of smoke clogged up my throat. It was some sort of planet, or at least it seemed like it was. How did I get there? Far away, in the distance, a bright, scorching light illuminated a colossal , circular object, seemingly growing. The streaks of beige colors, only just visible through the closing-in darkness, spoiled the cream surface. However, the biggest, most troubling worry was why, as the smoke hurled towards me, the rocks and knife-like spikes that the clouds passed, sizzled and melted into pools of boiling liquids, hissing sinisterly...
Comment 9 Comment by Isobel R on 05 Apr 13 at 8:09pm | Quote this comment
Mysterious planet

My eyes were fixed on the barren, dark and deserted planet in front of me. The sun, peeping out from behind the enormous planet, added to the ghostly and mysterious feeling around me.

My heart pounding, head dizzy with fear I trudged over the sandy terrain. Shooting up from the ground, the spiral towers were getting bigger after every step. After a few seconds I realised they seemed to have a similarity to coral. Edging myself forwards I reached out my shaky fingers to touch a rough, solid and bumpy texture. Bending down to grab a rock, I saw a fossil of what seemed to be a hand sized fish.

Could this once have been a sea bed? Was this place once an ocean?
Comment 10 Comment by Oliver W on 07 Apr 13 at 11:52am | Quote this comment
I looked out across the dusty terrain. I glanced left and right but the landscape was completely bare. The desert-like ground was NOT at all death-threatening.Suddenly, a thick cloud of sand whisked past me, blinding my staring eyes.

After a while, when the sand had finally stopped bothering me, I turned my back on the wind. However I was greeted by a death-threatening sight. The sun hid behind a planet, horror stricken of what stood in front of me. Tapering to unwelcoming points, sharp, needle-like thorns pierced the blood red sky. The wind, carrying fiery orange dust, zigzagged it's way across the murderous landscape. Large, bulky rocks were scattered amidst the spikes, sitting themselves quite a distance away, as if it was a monster giving out a thunderous roar. Questions pushed and shoved their way to the front of my mind. Where am I? Will I live? Is there any life on this mysterious planet?
Comment 11 Comment by Teya Q on 07 Apr 13 at 6:58pm | Quote this comment
As I stepped across the stony terrain I felt it crumble beneath my feet, it was like the topping of an apple crumble. Pulling at my feet, the sandy stony surface seemed alive.

Was something really here? What was that! Standing silent and still, spiky topped towers glared down at me, throwing their long evil shadows in every direction. I felt as if something was lurking in the depths of the darkness, but what was it?
Comment 12 Comment by Teya Q on 07 Apr 13 at 8:06pm | Quote this comment
Suddenly, a flash of light blinded me, forcing me to step back. The light grew enormous, high in what I thought was the sky, it seemed to be rushing towards me. A high pitched scream filled my ears. For the first time, I noticed large gas clouds swirling around me, wrapping me in a yellow haze, quickly filling my space suit and chocking the breath from my body.

Collapsing, to the ground, I took in my last sightings of this magical and wonderful place. My eyes closed as I fell into my final sleep…

By Teya Quinnell

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