Countdown - Chapter 2 by Leo & Hayden

My mind veered towards leaving. But no. I had to find Taylor. Stumbling down the hectic corridor, I swayed accidently from one side to the other. I realised something was wrong, as I crashed into his door. Tendrils of smoke drifted menacingly from his door, which was swinging suspiciously on its creaking hinge. Crying out in shock, I shoved the door violently to one side and dashed into his room, hoping to find him in his bed. However, as I suspected, the ragged bedclothes were in a tangled mess on the floor, drenched in something that looked like blood. Shards of glass from the recently smashed window reflected the searchlight beaming across the grounds. Taylor was gone…

Jumping in the polished, gleaming Aston Martin DB9 (one of Ricardo’s many pride and joys) I revved the engine, anxious to find my best friend. Not bothering to open the garages doors I slammed into them, ripping a hole just the right size. I risked a glance back at the mangled garage – I probably won’t see it again - and grinned, Ric won’t be very happy! Speeding down the hill, I wondered if this was the right thing to do. Hopefully it was. Luckily since we had come here Taylor’s Dad had insisted that we were taught how to drive a car; without the training I would be hopeless. As I stared down the winding road (it was the only way in and out of the mansion) I spotted luminous car lights in the distance, fog clouding my vision. I would have to be quick.

                      *            *          *

As I was jerked violently from side to side, I became increasingly aware of the growing speed. I tried to break free but only earned a vicious blow to the head and my ‘home made’ hand cuffs being tightened.  I struggled to stay conscious through all the excruciating pain that had been forced upon me.

Suddenly the car was slammed by a pursuing Aston Martin Vanquish and we swerved ferociously. The driver failed to keep us on the road. Everyone screamed in terrifying fear. In a split second we would fall! However fate intervened, taking its toll. We were flung into a tree, bending the metal, and everything was silent apart from the low murmuring of my capturer. Relieved I sat there slumped against the car door concentrating on nothing but myself.

Outside of the car I heard tire squeal as the battered Aston screeched to an alarming halt.

“Taylor!” a voice yelled worriedly, “Taylor!” The voice repeated; then it went black.

                                                                           *            *          *

I dashed down to the car, carful were I placed my foot. Swinging the door open I grabbed Taylor’s limp, blood-covered body. I moved quickly, scared of a petrol explosion. As I dragged him towards the debris-covered road and our path to safety, there was a colossal eruption 8 or 9 meters away. Shards of metal bombarded us, luckily nothing was sharp enough to hurt us.  The important thing was: we were safe?..


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