Why is it me? - chapter 10 by Leo and Hayden

Chapter 10

Sleep is a priority in life and as I lay on the luxurious bed tossing and turning I couldn’t stop thinking of my Dad. Looking at the expensive, pearl-white alarm clock I made a decision; I was going to tell my dad. Leaping out of my sleek bed I slipped on some trousers and a jumper. As I opened the beautifully wood-carved door the smell of an early fry-up wafted up my sore nostrils and touched a nerve.

At night the historic mansion was an eerie place to be if you were on your own. Luckily, I could always rely on Cleo to help me when I needed it. Engulfed in shadows the seemingly never-ending corridors were gloomy and encrusted cobwebs snaked across the cracked ceiling.  Floorboards creaked underfoot and guards regularly patrolled around the house (though occasionally you would hear and see the odd guard slumped against the wall, snoring peacefully). Basically it was not a place to be at night, although Cleo and I had sneaked around suspiciously many times since our arrival here.

 Sneaking cautiously down the oak-panelled corridor I noticed a shadow behind me. Spinning round I grabbed my followers out stretched arm and twisted it up painfully behind their back in an excruciating grip. Slamming them painfully against the wall I whispered in their ear, “Who are you?”

Suddenly, I realised it was my dad so, guiltily, I let him go. As his normal, calm face reappeared I stared down at my shoes, deciding that my shoelace was now incredibly interesting.

Nodding he muttered, “Good self-defence skills.” Looking up I found a grin plastered across his face, just like in the old days (although he now had more gold teeth) “You had me worried there kid, or should I say son now that you’ve worked it out?”

How could he have known – it was as if he could read my mind. Strangely, he led me in the opposite direction to my room: towards the forbidden maze below the fortress, caved hundreds of years earlier but still standing as strong as ever.

On the way we picked up Cleo as I would not go without her seeing as she had been through so much to get here. Sleep-deprived and dreary she had followed, shuffling slowly at first, until her eyes adjusted to the dim-lit passage. In some places the cracks in the roof (encrusted with aging stalactites) spewed thin shards of shimmering light, in others just giving it a creepy appearance. Etched in the nooks and crannies of the maze were ancient pictures depicting some long-lost stories. Descending deeper and deeper the air began to get clogged up with dust and, having come down here so many times, my Dad was used to it.

Encountering a heavily-built door, footsteps now almost overpowering the dust as there were so many, my dad opened the coded door. As we squinted down into the imperious cavern, spotting many bespectacled men in white, my dad, with a loving twinkle in his eyes said, “Welcome to the Underworld.” 

That was the last Chapter in Why is it me! Hopefully, next week we will post the first chapter of 'Countdown' the sequel to 'Why is it me?'

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 28 Feb 13 at 2:36pm | Quote this comment
Great ending! Giving us some information, but holding enough back to make us want to read the next story.
I am still wondering what happened between Taylor and his Dad; why could they not remember each other? Hopefully, my questions shall be answered soon.
Comment 2 Comment by Finlay E on 02 Mar 13 at 12:43pm | Quote this comment
well done great story
Comment 3 Comment by Jasmine H on 08 Mar 13 at 12:48pm | Quote this comment
Really good shame its the last. :D

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