Leaving Mars by Denny P

I saw vast valleys trekking through the rocky land. A colossal mountain, forever tapering up into the unforgiving sky, was staring at me like a diving Eagle.  Gorges, as black as a panthers paw, clambered along the untame land.  Red dust was flung, causing darkness to those all around, as we took off into the sky.  Mars shrunk now looking like a gone off peach.  Until the planet vanished into the distance.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr J Herring on 23 Feb 13 at 9:04am | Quote this comment
Denny - brilliant to see some of your writing on the blog, and what's more it's excellent stuff! Your use of language in this short paragraph is really interesting and has helped me to paint a vivid picture in my head of the scene. Keep it up!
Comment 2 Comment by Eloise W on 24 Feb 13 at 7:09pm | Quote this comment
That story is amazing there was lots of powerful adjectives in the well done. :-)
Comment 3 Comment by Sarah C on 08 Mar 13 at 8:20am | Quote this comment
Awesome paragraph I hope you do another! :lol:

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