Countdown - Book 2 Prologue by Hayden & Leo


“Get it ready in three weeks, or else.” Without saying another word he stomped down the dim-lit passage towards the well-guarded secret lab in the depths of his seemingly indestructible fortress, which was on the top of the most barren, unnavigable mountains in England.

Hesitating, his assistant stammered “How?” his feeble voice echoing in the cavernous passage. However Ricardo was long gone, disappearing into the underground maze where his most dangerous secret was kept.

                                    *             *              *

Bored, I was slumped on a leather, luxurious sofa watching a film on a HD-TV for the umpteenth time. Cleo, who was sharing my boredom, relaxed on an identical chair a few metres away mouthing the exact words in the film. Switching the TV off I gazed out of the window towards an overgrown, but beautiful forest and wondered how many animals lived a normal, fun-filled life.

 I was jolted from my fantasy as a colossal explosion erupted from the glen in the wood, flinging unsuspecting trees and animals hundreds of metres away. We both leaped from our chairs and raced outside onto the porch of the grand estate staring as we were immediately bombarded by branches, twigs and the odd limp bird. What was is it? Who had done it? Clearly curious, Cleo charged in to the smouldering forest…


This is the Prologue for 'Countdown', and is the sequel to 'Why is it me?'. To be continued...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 21 Feb 13 at 2:09pm | Quote this comment
Awesome, a new story! Just as I was getting worried that "Why is it me?" was close to finishing. I can't wait to see how this is going to continue.

I really like the way that you have described the characters sat down watching television, to make it interesting to read - that paragraph reads like adult fiction.

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