why is it me? - chapter 8 & 9 by Leo and Hayden

Chapter 8


Storming through the skies inside the helicopter there was an eerie silence; I was pretending to be asleep keeping one eye on the man all the time. The girl was asleep her head resting on my shoulder in the luxurious chairs and the mysterious man was still constantly staring out of the window not able to get me out of his head. As we began to land he turned to look at me, however, he did not know we were looking straight at each other. There was a judder as we touched down, jolting my arm, I cried out in shock. The pain was bearable, once it had receded, but it still hurt incredibly.

Luckily my blood-coated wound had been bandaged by some expert-looking doctors who had said I would live snootily. Lying in my expensive, comfortable bed I thought about all I had got through, and managing to defeat Marvo against all odds, well, at least for the moment. Many unanswered questions swirled around my sleep-deprived brain but only 2 stood out: who was the man? And why was the girl who hadn’t told me her name still here?

A knocking on the hefty steal door aroused me, for a moment I wondered who it could be but then the sound came again and I thought why I hadn’t already answered it. I shot up of the bed and heaved open the door. As it creaked, the girl, cloaked in darkness, stood there in front of me. Her eyes darted around and down the corridor, as if she were suspicious of something. Then there were foot steps down the hallway and she dived into the dark room swiftly closing the door behind her. She landed on the floor next to my feet, a wisp of beautiful blond hair shadowing her face. She smiled and stood up. I opened my mouth to speak but she immediately covered my mouth with her hand and blew the hair out of her face. She then elegantly secured the door with her foot and waited for the footsteps to pass before letting go and said, “by the way my name is Cleo and I over heard someone say his name was something like Ric…” Something clicked in my head. I’d heard that name somewhere before. But I don’t know where…

Chapter 9

Cold-blooded shouts and screams came from behind the re-enforced walls of the cells next to him. Marvo had only been in this ghastly place for 12 hours and was madder than when he came here. The food was like cardboard (it probably was) and not too adventurous of the cook. Also the facilities were rubbish! Another downside was the amount of security; there was no chance of escaping unseen, and that was his plan…

                                           *                  *                      *

I had been thinking about whom the man was, like a wobbly tooth, I knew about him but I just couldn’t get it out. Not to mention it was really annoying me. That’s when it clicked, I remembered about a day when I was about five and my first tooth had come out…

Dashing out of my musty classroom I spotted my grinning Dad, his golden tooth glinting menacingly in the shimmering sunlight. As I leaped into my father’s awaiting arms my story came rushing out like a river breaking its dam and pouring out ferociously. I was listened intently to by my Father who was beaming at me with pride.

That’s who he is. I remembered, and as the glowing amber sun disappeared over the horizon, I felt so frustrated with myself. He’s Ricardo, my dad.

Leave a comment on which of these you want to happen next:

A: Taylor tells Cleo, his newfound friend.

B: Taylor tells his father that he knows.

C: Taylor doesn’t tell anyone and decides to investigate.

  If you want to comment please could you do it by Wednesday when we will write the next chapter(s)? Thank you all for commenting last week! Enjoy!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 20 Feb 13 at 6:35pm | Quote this comment
As soon as I start reading your blog entries, boys, I am immediately enthralled with your story. The storyline is going in directions I didn't expect, which makes me impatient for the next episode.

I'm going to vote for B. I want some questions answered about his father: where has he come from and why doesn't Taylor remember him well?
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 20 Feb 13 at 7:42pm | Quote this comment
I'm voting 'B', please!

A great continuation boys. 8)

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