Emotion, Emotions...

As everyone in school can identify most emotions can you show that you can identify the emotions/feelings jam packing these peoples minds.






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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 09 Feb 13 at 9:35am | Quote this comment
Ed, what a great post to get people thinking about our topic. I think:
A) Fear, I think this because his eyes and mouth are wide open, as if he has seen something he didn't expect.
B) Confusion, I think this because he looks a bit like me when I am trying to plan a new lesson!
C) Joy! Now that reminds me, where did I put my lottery ticket...
Comment 2 Comment by Molly W on 13 Feb 13 at 4:05pm | Quote this comment
molly w

A) I think that this picture is an example of someone being scared because his eyes are really big and his mouth is like it is being stretched by a stretch machine. It is like he has seen a ghost, i know that that's how I would of reacted if I had seen a ghost.
B) I think that this picture resembles confusion because his mouth is slanted to the right which I think shows someone being confused.
C) I think that this picture shows happiness because he has obviously just won the lottery. I would of reacted the same way if my family EVER won the lottery.

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