Richard III: he deserves a proper burial

What do you think?We believe he is worthy of a dignified kings burial, after all he was a king and a very good one at that. Intriguing mysteries are being discovered all the time but the most interesting one of all has to be this one. For years people have wondered where his bones have been hidden; we now know the answer…

The crumbling bones of what we now know is Richard III was found in a normal everyday car park in Leicester. Incredibly the untouched bones have been preserved for over 500 years resting below the parking lot. Unfortunately many people believe he was a foul, untrustworthy man: it is thought he murdered the heirs to the throne that he was meant to be protecting with his life.

However, all that is a load of rubbish; he believed in equality and only tried to do what was right to help the country. He died on the battle field wanting to survive to continue to run his country in peace. After ruling for only two years, dedicating his life to for the welfare of his people, he was ruthlessly struck down in front of his rival, blood-thirsty enemy.

His bravery was unbelievable; therefore he rightfully deserves a dignifiedking’s burial after perishing honourably defending his fellow citizens. Even though many people presume he murdered the kings children (Edward and Richard) there are rumours that Henry VII wrote all kinds of untrue things about Richard. Could tha be one of them?

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 09 Feb 13 at 9:41am | Quote this comment
Compelling argument, Leo and Hayden. However, have you seen Sarah and Oliver's counter argument.

I am tickled pink with the range of punctuation that you have used but would growing green your ability to identify some of your clauses with commas or other methods.

Overall, a "majestic" persuasion!

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