The bones of royalty... They've been found

The Last of the Plantagenet kings has

been found!

The last of the Plantagenet kings, after 500 years, has been found in a Leicester car park. Recently DNA tests have been taken out to prove that the bones are the actual bones of Richard the Third. On the 12th of September 2012 the royal discovery shocked Great Britain, But not everyone thought it was him…

The search was carried by archaeologists from the university of Leicester: latest knowledge from the university thought that the body could potentially be there, so at 6am sharp the men set off on their search.

After a few days of hard work the bones were found, many people thought that the discovery was the last of the Plantagenet kings. Alas John Bates from the History department in Leicester thinks he was right in saying “the bones of this person is just a man from around 500 years ago”

The match, from the DNA, was actually very important as the test would not have been made unless it was for a man, James York, as he paid for the test: he was so determind to prove them wrong.

Fortunately for him the History department paid him £350,000 for the proof and he got a certificate of history. He spoke to us saying “I am so glad that test went out but when I heard about the money I head straight to Barbados!”

After the second test people were sure that it was him, so shortly after they carefully loaded the royal bones on to a police guarded van to London museum. The last king of Plantagenet will now be really be shown in a proper way.    

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 09 Feb 13 at 10:01am | Quote this comment
Ed, an impressive piece of journalistic writing. I am tickled pink with this sentence containing two main clauses and a subordinate one punctuated correctly. I would growing green your comma splice, where you used a comma where there should have been a full stop.

So, what is your opinion about King Richard III; murderous villain or a good King who was painted as an evil tyrant by Henry Tudor?

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