Richard III doesn't deserve a king's burial!

As you may know the bones of Richard III were recently found underneath a car park in Leicester. Many people believe that he was a fair king; but they don’t know the truth…

Many different stories have been told about what happened to his two young nephews. The truth is that when Edward IV died, Richard became the rightful guardian of his two young nephews. However, instead of taking care of the poor children he murdered them! This is one out of a large list of many terrible things caused by Richard III.

Another reason he doesn’t deserve a king’s burial is he didn’t only kill his two nephews. 13,800 other people suffered from the damage caused by his monstrous behaviour. Many of them died in the battle of Bosworth. However, that battle wasn’t only a devastating event. For this was where  Richard III took his last breath. He was finally defeated!

These are a couple of reasons Richard doesn’t deserve a king’s burial. He killed more people then he helped. So whenever you’re in a history lesson just remember. Not all kings are perfect.

By Sarah C and Oliver W

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 09 Feb 13 at 9:54am | Quote this comment
Food for thought, Oliver and Sarah. I am tickled pink with the way you have researched the news story independently and have written it in a way to really engage your readers. I would growing green the phrase "terrible things"; could this have been improved?

I wonder what you would say to people who argue that Henry Tudor (Henry VII) made up a lot of these "facts" to make Richard III appear more of a villain than he was?

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