Richard the 3rd

Richard the 3rd found in a car park!!!

We have just heard the bones of King Richard the 3rd has been discovered in a car park in Leicester.

A team of archaeologists found his skeleton at 7:30 AM, September the 12th.

Richard the third was killed in the war of the roses by a small man with a pike. Richard, who was riding his horse, didn’t notice the small man until he fell to the ground with a hefty bump, sadly his horse had taken the pike to the upper chest and died. An army surrounded him.

Richard was accused of murdering his two nephews Edward V of England and Richard Shrewsbury No one knows what happened - only Richard the 3rd who we can’t ask…   

Richard lost the battle against Henry Tudor who was only a short distance away from where he died.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 09 Feb 13 at 9:45am | Quote this comment
Dylan, another superb post. I am tickled pink with the way you have looked to include subordinate clauses for a complex sentence. I would growing green where you have used a "comma splice" (a posh way of saying using a comma instead of a full stop).

So, what do you think? Was he a good King or a villain?

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