Nowhere to run - our entry into the Chris Evens 500 word story

‘I’m too good for this school’ I thought as the lunch time stampede stormed through the cafeteria, trampling all over my new-fangled sat phone. I can explain. My absent dad was an eccentric scientist, a good one at that, who earned over 20,000 pounds a month. Unfortunately most of that money was spent on his experimental machines. However, for my birthday, he had surprisingly got me the one that had come out two days before. But all his money meant he was a big target for criminal masterminds.

Slamming the door against the wall sinister masked figures stepped into the room. There leaders booming voice echoed into the lunch hall bouncing of every object.

“Humphrey Babington,” people snickered at my unusual name, “Slowly walk towards us with your hands in the air or the lady dies!” I’d never seen Miss Bletchley look so terrified. Of course, she had never been held captive by a bunch of barbaric thugs with guns! Looking annoyed I did what they said and luckily, even though I didn’t like my history teacher, they let her go. Snarling like angered dogs they growled at me and snarled “you’re coming with us.”

‘Not yet I’m not.’ I thought as with unerring speed I sprinted through the half-open door and into the confusing complex of the school building.

As I dodged past the mass of startled school children, some of them screaming, the roaring mob of criminals burst through the door into the packed corridor screaming abuse. Mr Dougless, the head teacher, stepped out into the immaculate hallway fuming with rage. “Who said that?” he yelled not noticing the black clad group of villains “, who? I demand to know!” but as he swiveled on his foot and saw them he screamed and fainted back into his room trembling.

Laughing bitterly I ran through the school complex towards the PE hall whilst devising a plan. I skidded round the corner into the cupboard containing my ‘favourite’ equipment in the whole school where my plan would take place. To be honest, I would enjoy this even though I was being chased by vicious people who were going to kill me.

Having expertly taken out all the baddies, who were all slumped on the floor with purple bruises covering their faces, bar one I dashed past them. Luckily the one who survived was too dazed to do much . . . for now. While I was teased by all my classmates I had found a peaceful cubby hole, it was obviously untouched because it was dust-coated and all the paint had fainted to almost nothing. Reaching it I leaped in while nobody was about not wanting anybody to disturb me, especially the devious leader. Unfortunately my oversized foot got caught in a small unseen space. I was stuck here; until he found me.

My heart was throbbing; my palms were covered in fast-flowing rivers of sweat. Why me? Footsteps, almost certainly the vile villain, got closer. And closer. And closer. . .



By Hayden & Leo.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 28 Jan 13 at 2:33pm | Quote this comment
Great story boys - Chris Evans has a serious contender on his hands. I love your description of a "confusing compound of a school building".
Comment 2 Comment by Edward L on 30 Jan 13 at 6:51pm | Quote this comment
LEO is it 500 words?
Its fantastic, Mr evens has no choice but yours!
I was listing to payphone but that went off when i saw yours .
Now i know what your work added up together is.
This seriously is 5 star

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