Explain the brain

In our English lessons we have been looking at explanation texts. Can you use this learning to help us in our IPC work exploring feelings?

Research how our brain works and post your findings here, remember to make sure that you have put your facts and findings into your own words.

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Comment 1 Comment by Anna G on 28 Jan 13 at 8:24am | Quote this comment
The brain and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). The brain gets information from the body and turn it into instructions, telling the body what to do. Also, it controls our emotions and natural reactions.
Neurons are long, slim cells that carry important electricity, from the brain, to the rest of the body, making us be able to move.
The brain is structured with lots of different parts, each supervising a different thing, for example: the brain stem controls breathing and heart rate, the Hypothalamus controls body temperature, thirst and appetite.
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Jones on 28 Jan 13 at 2:27pm | Quote this comment
You have put this into your own words and explained your understanding clearly, Anna.
Comment 3 Comment by Teya Q on 28 Jan 13 at 7:57pm | Quote this comment
The brain is the round jelly like ball in your body. This sits in your skull at the top of your spinal cord.

The brain has three main parts.
-The cerebellum
- The Cerebrum

-The brain stem
Did you know that your brain is wrapped in 3 layers of tissue, and floats in a special shock-proof fluid to stop it from getting bumped on the inside of your skull as your body moves around?

What the brain does
Your brain is more powerful and cleverer than any computer ever built.
It is constantly dealing with tons of messages from the world around you, from your body, and telling your body what to do.

Doctors and scientists have found that different parts of the brain are in charge of different things.
Comment 4 Comment by Archie.S on 29 Jan 13 at 7:39pm | Quote this comment
The brain receives information about the out side world from the nerves.It sorts the information out then tells the body how to behave.This information is gathored from the body's: skin, tongue, nose, eyes
and ears.
The brain is made up of three parts-the brainstem,the cerebellum and the cerebrum.
The brainstem controls breathing and the hart beating, the cerebellum controls movement such as walking and balansing.The cerebrum is the biggest part of the brain and is split into two parts and helps control intellijence and personality as well as receive messages.
Comment 5 Comment by Syd R on 03 Feb 13 at 11:39am | Quote this comment
The most exciting and most important part of your body is hidden inside your head,your skin and your hard skull bone. It's your brain!
Your brain is the part of you that thinks and remembers. It also makes sure the rest of your body is doing what it should!
Fun Fact
Peoples brains come in
different sizes. But bigger
brains don't make people more
clever-any more than bigger
feet make you a better
! runner !
Comment 6 Comment by Syd R on 03 Feb 13 at 12:02pm | Quote this comment
Every second of the day your brain is being sent messages so you know what is happening outside your body as well as inside. Some are about things you feel. All of the messages catch a ride on a nerve train and travel up to your brain.
Messages travel like lightning along your nerves as fast as 400 km/h telling you if you are hurt in pain or even how you feel emotionally happy or sad bored or excited!
Your brain has two sides like most of your body and these are called hemispheres and weirdly the right side of your brain looks after the left side of your body and vice versa!
Comment 7 Comment by Mr Jones on 06 Feb 13 at 9:00am | Quote this comment
Syd, great entry. You have really made the facts "come alive" by the way you have explained it.

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