Why is it me? - Chapter 5 & 6

Chapter 5

Passing a tumbledown farmhouse late in the night I decided to call it a day and settle down in it for some much-needed time to think. As sleep, the one constant thing I could rely on, was the only refuge from the nightmare reality of my life and getting caught or, even killed, I decided to take it seriously and have as much of it as I could; well most of the time. However, this night I would only have time to think about where my family was, about the determined Marvo Flemming and how clever I had been to defeat him. After thinking about my family, and the fact that I had almost certainly lost them for ever, I thought about my cleverly devised plan which I had left to climax dramatically by its self. I had unravelled his identity to his men, the police, as he is one of the top five on their most wanted list (I’m near the bottom!) they then abruptly turned on him as I had briskly left the building and escaped into the night! Hopefully, knowing Marvo was very devious, he had not escaped after being right under the police’s noses.

Suddenly I heard a loud bang as a large portion of the weather-beaten wall collapsed, almost flattening me! Luckily I managed to swiftly roll out of harm’s way before I was killed, after all the effort I had gone to that would be a displeasing way to end. Deciding it was too dangerous to sleep in this unstable dilapidated barn, I gathered all my belongings (I didn’t have many of them) and rushed out of the slanted building.

                                                                           *                    *                        *

Having expertly taken care of the guards Marvo slipped elegantly through the back doors of the eerie building and immediately caught the horrible (well in his mind) scent of Taylor smith, the apparently disgusting boy. He then scuttled of along the path that lead to his worst enemy.

But you see readers we have been concealing a very unbelievable truth from you. Think back to the time when we said about the, tests that the sickening man had been through had changed his terrible life around. He used to be a S.A.S soldier before they tried to make him super- human, everything went perfectly well… apart from the way he went rampant at the end. Now he is a dreadful criminal on the loose running wild around big cities stealing what is not rightfully his, and making everyone’s life a misery. Back in ’97 he volunteered, not knowing it would change his life for the worse, to be a guinea-pig for a series of mysterious trail tests which had never been performed on a human before. Taylor interfered and accidently made him swallow a medicine which permanently destroyed his heart made him into mutant whose only purpose was to kill the lives of others. Too late, he realised that he was having one of his dreaded, torturous flash backs that he had been having over the last few weeks, while he had been close to capturing Taylor.

 Lying on the cold lumpy mattress in the white-washed lab that was owned by his foolhardy bosses: the S.A.S, he waited anxiously for the jittering scientist to stroll over, delicately handling the man-made medicine. Hopefully, they would make him more powerful than the top 3 most powerful people combined. At the same time making the S.A.S a global super power.

The radioactive-looking, bubbling mixture was poured down his trembling throat, singeing it which was unusual. Normally they treated him fairly well and supplied him with a tidy flat on the same street as the very lab he was in now but this was strange. He mumbled in pain as the scolding liquid gurgled down his throat.

Suddenly he jumped up with a unexpected burst of speed. His eyes went blood shot and his muscled bulged as his army uniform tore with a terrible sound. Vindictively he grabbed an armful of the scientist’s overcoat and flung him out of the room. Leaping out of the window, he scrambled into the silent night, taking 3 metres at a time. Sirens wailed, waking up the residents of the normally peaceful street, surely they would corner him? But no, as he neared the dead end he merely bounded onto the top of the building and swung through the treetops in the eerie forest.

Chapter 6

A rustling in the nearby wood brought me back to my senses. Is there someone out there? Who are they?

“Hello?” whispered a soft voice; this made me smile it was the only non-rough sound I’d heard in what seemed like a millennium.

“Don’t worry,” I replied, trying to sound kind, “I won’t hurt you”. A girl about the same age as me stepped hesitantly out of the shadows into the harsh light of the amber morning sun. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a knife spinning elegantly the thin air towards my new companion… what should I do? Not wanting her to get hurt, sensing she would be a great friend, I dived into the path of the glinting weapon. Jolting with shock I realized that it had caught my upper arm. It was excruciatingly painful. I slumped down against the cold corrugated metal, my sleeve turning red.

Leave a comment on which of these you want to happen next:

A: The girl chases Marvo off then helps Taylor.

B: The girl helps Taylor but Marvo approaches.

C: The girl helps Taylor and Marvo leaves.

We will write about the option that gets the most comments.

If you want to comment please could you do it by Wednesday when we will write the next chapter(s)? Thank you all for commenting last week! Enjoy!

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Comment 1 Comment by Edward L on 26 Jan 13 at 8:40am | Quote this comment
Great work Leo and Hayden, As normal, I think this may be the best one yet!
Have you seen Chris evens' 500 words, I think you two should enter it!
Oh, I vote B: The girl helps Taylor but Marvo approaches.
Good luck on your next chapter! :o
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Jones on 26 Jan 13 at 11:36am | Quote this comment
Boys, yet again a gripping episode. Think I am going to vote for option b this week.

Ed, great idea and thanks for the link. Hayden and Leo - worth considering?
Comment 3 Comment by Bob B on 26 Jan 13 at 6:15pm | Quote this comment
:-) Hayden and Leo, The story gets better and more gripping, Chapter by Chapter! I think you should go for A. I am keen to find out how a young girl can deal with a monster like Marvo and still be able to help Taylor.
Comment 4 Comment by Leo W on 27 Jan 13 at 9:05am | Quote this comment
Thank you both and I will speak with Hayden.
Funnily enough my dad had the same idea!

Defiantly worth considering thanks Ed!
Comment 5 Comment by Caroline W on 27 Jan 13 at 9:45am | Quote this comment
:-) Reading this all through from the start it's a fantastic plot with lots of twists and turns. I am as intrigued to find out more about the events that have brought the characters to this point, as I am to know what happens next. I wonder where the girl has come from and how she will fit in? Should Taylor trust her so quickly?
I am also voting for b as I would like there to be a confrontation between Taylor and Marvo.

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