Part 2-The weird things that happened to Willow -and a Haiku!

Willow looked up in disgust. How rude a dragon! Willow clung on to the willow tree and cried out a scared

“Help!!!” and soon after a giraffe came over and said his name was Geoff! Willow was so glad but was not sure how he could help so told him the whole story. When she had finished the story Geoff said

“What a mean dragon!” And they thought for a bit then the giraffe said “Hey I've got could climb down my neck onto my back and down my tail and you'll be down.”


Willow didn't want to get her dress dirty and get a mucky face because when she got home she would have to tell every-one the truth and they would think she was mad but she desperately wanted to get down. Willow knew she had to climb down so she slipped down the giraffe's neck, balanced across it's back and clambered down it's tail.

Willow thanked G eoff and said good bye. Geoff trotted off to catch up with his family and Willow walked off in the opposite direction to the giraffe once again on her own.


Hour after hour Willow walked. The time came when the sun turned to moon and Willow was tired. She could hear the howling of wolves in the distance. Willow was scared and it began to snow, her fingers turned to ice, her teeth chattered she began to despair as she remembered she had not eaten for a whole day. In the distance she saw a sprinkling of lights. Was it Bogusville?

A haiku popped into her head


“Am I nearly home?

Will I live to tell the tale?

Will I live or die?”

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 13 Jan 13 at 8:23pm | Quote this comment
Syd, what a clever way to include a Haiku in your story. I love your phrase "...she began to despair..."
Comment 2 Comment by Esme K on 14 Jan 13 at 8:36pm | Quote this comment
well done syd it is a really good idea of putting it in a story
Comment 3 Comment by Evie P on 15 Jan 13 at 5:23pm | Quote this comment
i love how you includid your home work into your writing 8) (it awsom!!!)

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