Part 1-The weird things that happened to Willow in those last two days

One day a young girl named Willow, the prettiest and most beautiful girl in the land, went on a walk. All the boys crowded around her at once. All but one boy loved Willow and that was Prince Tom. All the other boys loved Willow so much they all made posters of and about her and some of the other boys even tried to kiss her!


Willow had lips as red as roses and hair as fair as fair. She wore a long dress with bronze, silver and gold and real pearls on it. Men in the street would fight over her and when Willow saw this she whispered, as if in a dream,


“Fair is sometimes foul but foul is not fair, so walk away and don't fight again!”


The next day Willow snuck out of Bogusville and ended up in the woods. Suddenly a turquoise dragon with fiery, red eyes and purple flames spitling out of its lip-less mouth appeared. Rough-handedly the dragon grabbed at Willow but missed. Just as Willow attempted to run the dragon swept out its razor-sharp claws and clipped the back of her dress and lifted her high up in the air, and intended to take her to Mount-Not-There and feed poor Willow to her babies!


The dragon journeyed to the Forest of Lost Souls and followed the trale of black trees which led to Mount-I'm-Not-There. On this journey many peculiar and dangerous things happened, such as when

a green pig heavily fluttered by. Then the time when Lord Deadlyguff rode by on a pink donkey, which was on top of a ninja sumo wrestler, balancing on a floating stinky blue cheese making a rotten egg, donkey dung, sweaty sumo wrestler and stinky blue cheese pong. This nearly made the dragon faint!


By now the dragon was getting annoyed and was blaming it on Willow. So the dragon said


'' The names Bond...Berty Bond what is your name?” Willow did not know that the dragon already new her name and said in a surprised voice


'' Willow Tree,”And at that moment the dragon spotted a willow tree and dropped Willow right in it. Then the dragon disappeard into a cloud.


!!!Fined out what happens in part two!!!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 06 Jan 13 at 6:44pm | Quote this comment
Syd, I love your take on a traditional tale with a modern twist. You are really effective when playing with words to create effects - "Fair is sometimes foul but foul is not fair..."

I can't wait for the next chapter!
Comment 2 Comment by Evie P on 10 Jan 13 at 5:32pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed reading this. Im looking forwared to reading the next part. :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Oliver D on 11 Jan 13 at 4:27pm | Quote this comment
I agree with Evie and Mr Jones. Also I belive the phrase is "the names bond... James Bond" :lol:

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