Why is it me? - Chapter 2 & 3

Chapter 2

My heart was beating fast. Very fast. As my adrenaline pumped the whole world seemed to go into slow motion. Turning round, also in slow motion, I saw my bristling pursuer stare up in pure fury, he had been agonizingly close to capturing me: his arch-enemy. I turned back to focus on making the jump of my life, not wanting to look into the maddened eyes which had seen so much, too much. The mountainous wall was now right in front of me! There was no turning back. Not now.

Trees whistled in the strong but yet somehow calming winds of the country as I free-wheeled, in the direction of where I thought I used to live, over the seemingly never-ending pot holes in the roads of the admirable British countryside. Startlingly the battered Suzuki 930 sputtered to an unsurprising halt- after all it had made the miraculous jump to freedom and then taken me over 500 miles! Unfortunately I now had to wheel the burdensome bike to the nearest refuel station: probably many miles away...      

Heaving for breath, I propelled the, now seemingly heavier, motorbike into the cover of the petrol station. I never had been so grateful to see a petrol station in my miserable life! Beating down on everything, the sun had made me drenched in sweat and in desperate need for a drink. As soon as I had filled up on expensive petrol I stumbled into the air-conditioned shop, almost collapsing on the counter. With horror, I suddenly realized I had no money! How would I pay? I wouldn't fall into the awaiting hands of the police. I had got this far, I thought, I wasn't giving up now. Longingly, I stared at the immaculately clean store shelves stacked high with luscious food. Oh how I would love a Chinese right now. I looked across at the store holder as he shouted out with frustration and threw the half-read newspaper the full length of the shop.

I approached him but stopped, filled with terror, that over his shoulder, on the wall behind him was a pair of identical eyes staring back at me the same nose, mouth and ears with the quote 'dead or alive' and £7,000 above the hastily taken picture of me. What should I do?

Chapter 3

 Strolling away, with my hands in my pockets, like nothing had happened I buried my head in a copy of the Sunday times I spotted an interesting-looking article with a picture of a mangled Yamaha 960 police edition leaning against a familiar-looking wall. Sitting down on an uncomfortable chair I started reading.

"Oi, you gotta pay for that!"  The hunchbacked man shouted snatching it out of my hands.  Recalling my face from the picture across the desk. He stood stock still - paralysed with fear.  Trembling, he shuffled warily towards the telephone never taking an eye off me. Silently he grabbed the old-fashioned phone and dialled 999. The crackling voice of the operator faded as the automatic slid open with a screech  and I  sprinted towards my refuelled bike which had served me well so far, I hoped that it didn’t fail on me now…

              *                          *                               *

For hours on end Marvo had been slumped, sleep-deprived, by a jet-black phone hopefully awaiting a call to tell him where Taylor, the annoying brat, he thought he was so clever. He wouldn’t be for much longer! An evil grin spread across his withered face, loving the thought.

Suddenly a high-pitched ring erupted in the room like a volcano exploding, disturbing his daydream. In pure delight he dashed across the dull, lifeless room answering the call.

“Marvo Flemming speaking,” he said grinning with pleasure “Who is it?”…     

Leave a comment on which of these you want to happen next:

A:  The shop keeper tells him which direction Taylor has gone.

B: The Shopkeeper gives him the wrong directions to where Taylor is.

C: The shopkeeper hangs up.  

We will write about the option that gets the most comments. 

Thank you all for commenting last week! Enjoy!         

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 21 Dec 12 at 3:20pm | Quote this comment
Hayden and Leo, we are really getting to know the character of Taylor now. These Chapters are a real treat for everyone over the Christmas holidays.

My vote is for A - I would like to see how you develop an action element, with Marvo chasing after your anti-hero.
Comment 2 Comment by William H on 21 Dec 12 at 6:02pm | Quote this comment
Brilliant! I vote A to keep the suspesne going!
Comment 3 Comment by Caroline Wells on 21 Dec 12 at 7:30pm | Quote this comment
Hi Leo and Hayden,
This is getting increasingly thrilling. You are creating your first book! I definitely favour option A for two reasons; firstly because I think that is what the shopkeeper would do as he is scared and believes Taylor to be a criminal, and secondly because it is the most exciting option.
Good luck Taylor!
Comment 4 Comment by Ellis B on 22 Dec 12 at 1:03pm | Quote this comment
I vote A because it is the most exciting option and it will be cool to see if the bike lets him down or not and if Marvo catches him.
Comment 5 Comment by Ellis B on 22 Dec 12 at 1:03pm | Quote this comment
I vote A because it is the most exciting option and it will be cool to see if the bike lets him down or not and if Marvo catches him.
Comment 6 Comment by Edward L on 22 Dec 12 at 8:20pm | Quote this comment
leo, hayden
Im amazed how well your going
I cant say how great it is!
I vote A: The shop keeper tells him which direction Taylor has gone.
because if you vote b or c he will get captured again he needs some time to rest!
well done keep it up :P
Comment 7 Comment by Natasha W on 04 Jan 13 at 8:21am | Quote this comment
i vote A because i think it would really exiting and you wouldent know what would happen next

keep up the good work
Comment 8 Comment by Denny P on 06 Jan 13 at 11:03am | Quote this comment
I think A would be the best option because it would mean more action and a longer chase. It would also be good because it means Marvo has a better chance of catching Taylor. :P

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