Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Fancy pushing yourself with your layered targets this week?  Try this quiz to see if you can answer some really tricky questions (you may like to use a calculator).


Decimals, Fractions and Percents

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Comment 1 Comment by Ben S on 13 Dec 12 at 11:59am | Quote this comment
I've just done the quiz with full marks and my tips for doing it are...
If you need to, use paper!
Revise on your decimal facts!
Take your time!
If you need help, ask!
Good luck!
Comment 2 Comment by Leo W on 13 Dec 12 at 12:02pm | Quote this comment
This is hard and made us think quite a lot. I got 8/8 but again it is hard. My advise would be to...

- Take your time and read the question carefully.
- Do working out (nothing wrong with that!)
- Ask for help if needed.
- Go through it with Mr Jones.

See you at the end!! 8)
Comment 3 Comment by William H on 13 Dec 12 at 12:02pm | Quote this comment
Take your time it does not have a time limit.
Comment 4 Comment by Oliver W on 13 Dec 12 at 12:02pm | Quote this comment
This test is really quite tricky!
Some tips that may help you are: If you don't get a question when you first look at it don't give up! Also, you don't have to do all the sums in your head - you could always get a piece of paper or a whiteboard ( if you are at school)

Main thing : Don't give up!
Comment 5 Comment by Christopher L on 13 Dec 12 at 12:02pm | Quote this comment
This test is quite hard!
my tips are: If 1/4 is 0.25 what could 1/8 be?
If 1/10 is 0.1 what could 9/10 be?

Don't always go with your first choice
good luck. (I got number 7 wrong)
Comment 6 Comment by Mr Jones on 13 Dec 12 at 3:22pm | Quote this comment
But what facts or operations could you describe that would help other people with this test? For example, how do we convert a fraction to a decimal, using a calculator (if you're not sure, check out the last Flipped Class)?

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