The treacherous journey

Oliver looked at all the smug work men walking back to their warm houses , soon to be greeted by their loving family. Hot tears flooded from his  tired eye's  as he trugged through the sweltering heat to the shade of the great oak trees.

"I need a plan" oliver muttered to himself as he slumped down - exhausted. He felt his eye's becoming heavier and before  he knew it he was asleep. Oliver woke with a start to the sound of a small yappy dog scurriyng through the undergrowth immediately oliver darted behind  a thorn bush.


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 07 Dec 12 at 5:45pm | Quote this comment
Sarah, some excellent interchange of action, dialogue and description. Love the way that you have played with sentence structures to create your tickled pink sentence too.

Can you recognise why those two words in growing green?

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