The Escape...

Once the lift had come Oliver rushed in and once again, started hitting the button for it to go up. When it had reached the top Oliver ran out and took a breath that he actually liked in a long, long time. He had forgotten how beautiful the world was when it wasn't down in the mine. 

"Wow!" He said to himself "its wonderful." The tweeting birds and all the life made Oliver think about what happened in that explosion, the death and descruction, the cries of the injured and most of all, his family. Oliver tried to forget about what happened and walked along the grass-covered, overgrown hills. He felt like he was in paradise, he started running along imagining himself in a lovely meadow but then he realised, this was the real world not a butterfly-infested grassland. He had to get a grip of himself and realise that he was alone and had nowhere to go.

"Come on Oliver, pull yourself together." He murmered while tapping himself on the head as if it would make his brain get into focus. He carried on walking just a little bit further but suddenly stopped. He decided he would go to London...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 06 Dec 12 at 4:42pm | Quote this comment
This is great, Hal. I particularly like the attempt at broken speech and the action-description-dialogue in the last paragraph! Tricky things to get your head around but you've done it well.

I'd like to see this story continue, Hal. 8)

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