Historical Fiction Homework

After half-term Milepost 3 will begin looking at historical fiction.  Over the half-term holiday we would like you to find a passage from a book and explain what features it has that prove it is set or written in the past.  It would be great if you could post a comment telling us the title of the book  and the time in history in which it is set.  Please bring your books in during the first week of term so that you can share your chosen passage with the class.  Enjoy your half-term!

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Comment 1 Comment by Natasha W on 25 Oct 12 at 9:35am | Quote this comment
I am using War Horse which is set during World War Two.
Comment 2 Comment by Hayden B on 27 Oct 12 at 6:22pm | Quote this comment
Title: Young Samurai, the ring of sky.

Time: Early 1600's
Comment 3 Comment by Syd R on 28 Oct 12 at 1:35pm | Quote this comment
My book is Jane Eyre.It was set in the Victorian times 1847. :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Oliver M on 28 Oct 12 at 4:39pm | Quote this comment
I have chosen 'Kaspar Prince of Cats' by Michael Morpurgo. It is set in 1912.
Comment 5 Comment by molly wadey on 28 Oct 12 at 7:44pm | Quote this comment
The book I have taken my passage from is War Horse written by Michael Morpurgo.
It is set during the First World War. I look forward to sharing my passage with my class.
Comment 6 Comment by Sarah C on 28 Oct 12 at 8:55pm | Quote this comment
Historical fiction could mean a story about the past, like Big Tom by Jean Ure, or a story written in the past, like Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Big Tom is set at the start of WW2 I know this because the book starts by saying 'The prime minister, Mr Neville Chamberlin, had just made an announcement: Great Britain and Germany were at war'.
Comment 7 Comment by Dylan A on 30 Oct 12 at 4:51pm | Quote this comment
My book is called Macbeth by William Shakespeare . It is set in Scotland in the 11th century . Most of the act :roll: beth`s castle in Inverness.
Comment 8 Comment by Archie Smart on 30 Oct 12 at 5:29pm | Quote this comment
Squire Trelawney,Dr Livesey, and the rest of these gentlemen having asked me to write down the whole particulars about Treasure Island, from the beginning to the end, keeping nothing back but the bearings of the Island, and that only because there is still treasure not yet lifted, I take up my pen in the year of grace 17-, and go back to the time when my father kept the "Admiral Benbow" inn and the brown old seaman, with the sabre cut, first took up his lodging under our roof.

This is an extract from the story of Treasure Island which was first published in 1883. Some of the language is different to words we are familiar with today.
Comment 9 Comment by Jakob HR on 31 Oct 12 at 8:06am | Quote this comment
I've chosen Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. This is set during the First World War.

Jake HR.
Comment 10 Comment by Denny P on 01 Nov 12 at 6:34am | Quote this comment
Treasure Island. The man was described as having a scar from a sabre sword on his cheek and his treasure chest was being carried on a hand cart.
Comment 11 Comment by Oliver D on 01 Nov 12 at 8:39pm | Quote this comment
My book is The Dairy Book Of Home Management. This book was issued in 1969 and it was published to teach people how to do all sorts of things around the home, such as cooking , sewing, looking after children, as back then women used to stay at home and look after the house and children and the men used to go out to work and be the 'breadwinner' and 'bring home the bacon' (money). The passage I have chosen is New money, weights and measures. This explains money like when my grampy was growing up and the change over to the money we use today, but some of the amounts I have never heard of but my mum can remember.

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