"Touch down confirmed!"

Yesterday morning Curiosity, a rover destined for Mars and sent by NASA to discover whether life used to survive in this desolate landscape, successfully landed!

NASA's reputation was at stake: if Curiosity, a 2 billion dollar piece of technical mechanics, didn't work out they would be the laughing stock of the world. Biting their nails in fright, NASA's scientists waited in eery silence to be told if their 8-year project worked out...

                                             Curiosity on Mars 

"Touch down confirmed" were the last words they heard before the room erupted into celebration like a volcano! Hopefully the high-tech rover can find traces of creatures that used to- or still do- live on this barren planet. Furthermore it will benefit scientists in many ways, including finding out if life did exist on Mars.

This outstanding piece of technology was worth the painstakingly slow process in building. Moreover the inventors should be very pleased with helping advance knowledge and understanding about the Red Planet.  Do you think there is life on Mars?

Reported by Oliver Wilson and Hayden Brewer.

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Comment 1 Comment by Leo W on 18 Oct 12 at 9:23am | Quote this comment
very descriptive and good vocab used - I enjoyed reading it! :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Evie P on 18 Oct 12 at 5:44pm | Quote this comment
Very good! 8)

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