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Week four of our "flipped classroom" homework, looks at the "chunking" method of division.  Look and listen, have a go at the challenge and chuckle at my short term memory whilst trying to find room to put my answer down for the challenge question at the end!





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Comment 1 Comment by Dylan W on 30 Sep 12 at 11:02am | Quote this comment
Thank you for helping :roll:
Comment 2 Comment by Natasha W on 30 Sep 12 at 12:58pm | Quote this comment
Mr Jones ? you got the last one wrong its actually 22r2 I'd check them back if i were you in case you get any other ones wrond dont worry its only a silly mistake i do them all the time
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Jones on 30 Sep 12 at 4:49pm | Quote this comment
Natasha, as all of class New Zealand are aware, I frequently make mistakes! In this case, however, I was actually correct (cue the trumpet celebrations)! 178 divided by 8 is indeed 22.25 as I am converting the remainder into a decimal. Have another listen and see how I did this. You are NOT wrong in saying it is 22r2, it is just that I converted the answer to a decimal. In other words... we were both right 8)
Comment 4 Comment by Oliver W on 01 Oct 12 at 7:51am | Quote this comment
These 'flipped classroom' are really helpful and good for practicing maths. If only they worked for english! :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Natasha W on 01 Oct 12 at 1:54pm | Quote this comment
:-| as you said we make mistakes
Comment 6 Comment by Mr Jones on 01 Oct 12 at 5:39pm | Quote this comment
Don't be :-| Natasha, I'm so impressed you have picked things like this up. You have understood the method so well that you are questioning what I have done. This makes me :lol: about your learning.

Flipped classes for English, let me get my Green (creative) Hat on...
Comment 7 Comment by Mr Ryan on 01 Oct 12 at 8:48pm | Quote this comment
Great feedback, Oliver. That's exactly the kind of suggestion that we want from you all: ways we can help to improve your learning!

Natasha, very impressed that you questioned whether your teacher had made a mistake - that takes quite a bit of courage. Teachers - that includes me - make mistakes all the time so you were right to do so. Well done!
Comment 8 Comment by George T on 02 Oct 12 at 7:31am | Quote this comment
I am looking forfard to doing divition this week and i did this methord last year. 8)
Comment 9 Comment by Hal S on 02 Oct 12 at 4:00pm | Quote this comment
Thanks Mr Jones! This helped me remember bits about division! :-) Although i still dont get some parts. :-|
Comment 10 Comment by Mr Jones on 02 Oct 12 at 7:28pm | Quote this comment
No problem Hal, that's what class time is for. Good use of the connective "although", our English layered targets are coming through! Complex sentence anyone?!

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