Is Donkey a good friend?


tn-shrek and donkey shrek the final chapter-wallpaper-1440x1080Donkey, the loveable sidekick, is often telling us that he is Shrek's best friend.  But is he a good friend to Shrek?  It is certain that his ogre-like friend doesn't always look forward to his company!  Can you write a persuasive argument to convince Shrek that Donkey really is a great mate?


shrek and donkey shrek the final chapter-wallpaper-1440x1080

Could you use what you have learnt in English this week to create a piece of writing, set out in clear paragraphs, that hits our Success Criteria for persuasive texts?  More importantly, can you convince Shrek how important Donkey is to him?

You may use any of the following reasons for a main argument in each of your paragraphs:

  • Donkey is kind to Shrek, even when Shrek is mean.
  • Donkey helps to rescue Shrek when he is in trouble.
  • He helps Shrek to get married to Princess Fiona.
  • He tells Shrek he doesn't care what he looks like, he just wants to be his friend.

Remember to include an opening paragraph that presents your argument and a closing paragraph that is a summary of your ideas.

You may even be able to provide evidence that you are moving on in our class layered targets, by including:

Gold - Use connectives that support or develop lines of thought e.g. nonetheless, furthermore, consequently...

Silver - Use connective phrases e.g. in addition to, on the other hand, even though...

Bronze - Link sentences and paragraphs by using a range of connectives e.g. also, because, however...

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Leo W on 14 Sep 12 at 5:22pm | Quote this comment
Donkey is not only a good laugh but a faithful assistant. Furthermore he has helped his big green friend many times like when he helped fight of the huge scary dragon in the struggle to save Fiona!
Comment 2 Comment by Natasha W on 16 Sep 12 at 11:52am | Quote this comment
I believe that a real friend is someone who you can argue with, but who supports you when you're in trouble. Consequently I feel that Donkey is a real friend to Shrek, regardless of the fact that he drives him mad! :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Jones on 16 Sep 12 at 12:44pm | Quote this comment
I wonder who can write a longer piece, set out in paragraphs?

Great to see the Gold connectives being used Natasha and Leo.
Comment 4 Comment by Syd R on 16 Sep 12 at 12:54pm | Quote this comment
Donkey is always there for Shrek when he is in trouble. Donkey helps Shrek save Fiona even though the dragon falls in love with him. Donkey is not scared of Shrek and talks and jokes to him even when Shrek is at his meanest. When Shrek is mean most people run away so in a wierd way this means Donkey is a bit brave.
Futhermore Donkey never lies to Shrek and tells him the truth even when Shrek doesn't want to hear the truth. My point is a true friend wouldn't just say what you want to hear consequently donkey is the best friend an ogre could have.
Comment 5 Comment by Grace on 17 Sep 12 at 7:36am | Quote this comment
Donkey is a kind and caring friend who looks after shrek always knowing what to do when he is hurt, sad or doesn't know what to do in certain situations. In addition to this, donkey looks after all of his friends when they don't know what to do or are sad. so this is why I am stating that I think donkey is a kind and caring friend.
Comment 6 Comment by Finlay E on 17 Sep 12 at 4:06pm | Quote this comment
Donkey is a true friend to shrek because they always stik together also eventhoe that kind harted thing was truly skered of helping save the princes he did it and thats why donky is a great friend! :P
Comment 7 Comment by Archie.S on 17 Sep 12 at 7:13pm | Quote this comment
Although Donkey can be annoying a lot of the time, it is because he wants to cheer Shrek up,consequently Donkey is trying to make life more fun. Donkey is a constant companion sharing the good and bad times therefore this makes Donkey a very good friend. 8)
Comment 8 Comment by Dylan A on 18 Sep 12 at 6:45pm | Quote this comment
What Donkey mainly does is try to fit in but sometimes he doesn't make it furthermore he sometimes falls out with his wanted friend but they always get back together and that is why Donkey is a good friend. ;-)
Comment 9 Comment by Esme K on 18 Sep 12 at 7:31pm | Quote this comment
Never has anyone before thought this but I strongly believe that donkey is a loyal friend.

Firstly donkey doesn't care what you look like he just likes the pearson that you are.As well as always bieng there for you and forgiving you when you are mean or have done something wrong.

Donkey has a strong personality and will never let you down.

There for donkey is a amazing friend! :D
Comment 10 Comment by Evie P on 19 Sep 12 at 3:22pm | Quote this comment
Donkey is a very good friend to shrek.When shreks in troble hes always there. When shrek saved the princess Donkey was by his side, but most of all he dosent care if people think shreks a ogre he just wants to by his friend and that is all that matters to him.

That is why i stongly belive that Donkeys a very, very good buddy. ;-)
Comment 11 Comment by Hayden B on 19 Sep 12 at 6:07pm | Quote this comment
Donkey is a loyal friend to shrek because he is always there for him, no matter what mood Shrek is in.

Donkeys great character is revealed by the fact that even if he doesn't like what shrek is doing, like trying to rescue Fiona, he sticks with him like a good friend would! Furthermore he doesn't care about Shreks appearance he just wants to be his friend. Consequently Shrek stays with his eager, talkative companion no matter how annoying he may be.

I think that Donkey is an irritating, but amazing friend and deserves his hard-earned friendship with Shrek!
Comment 12 Comment by Mr Jones on 20 Sep 12 at 11:21am | Quote this comment
Hayden, I like the way you ordered the words "irritating" and "amazing" in your final sentence to add emphasis to your argument - part of our gold level layered target for this week.

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