Mathematics Homework

We are going to be "flipping" the way that we are going to be approaching some of our mathematics homework this year.  To help learners and families better understand how we learn mathematics, I am going to be posting some videos, explaining written methods, on the blog.  This means that you can watch, pause, rewind and practise at home before we apply these skills in class.

If a computer is not available at home, time will be available for all learners to use the ICT suite to access the videos.

Flip Classroom for Addition

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr J Herring on 07 Sep 12 at 11:22am | Quote this comment
Wow! This is fantastic - what a great way to improve your maths learning! I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the blogs with exciting posts like this appearing.

Hope the first week of term has gone well for all at Blue Coat!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 08 Sep 12 at 1:00pm | Quote this comment
Mr Herring! Great to hear from you. We look forward to your watchful eye and encouraging comments over the coming weeks and months! How about popping in soon for a collective worship? ;-)
Comment 3 Comment by Leo W on 09 Sep 12 at 2:40pm | Quote this comment
Mr Jones, please can we have a chat in school about the number of levels there are.
Comment 4 Comment by Mr Jones on 09 Sep 12 at 3:01pm | Quote this comment
Remember that we discussed in school that you are not expected to achieve all of the layered targets, concentrate on the one you wish to learn.
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Ryan on 09 Sep 12 at 5:30pm | Quote this comment
That's right- you need to start on the level you can't yet do and try to learn that one properly, inside out. Then, if you can do that and the follow-up activities Mr Jones sets for you in class then we know (good) learning has taken place!
Comment 6 Comment by Hal S on 09 Sep 12 at 7:25pm | Quote this comment
i already knew what i needed to do but thanks anyway! :D
Comment 7 Comment by Evie P on 12 Sep 12 at 4:02pm | Quote this comment
I find this way of leaning much easyer. Thank you!!! :lol:

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