The IPC so far....

Welcome Team NZ to our new class blog. Here's a few pictures of you lot working hard on our IPC launch day - 'I am England'...


Oh the typical English weather - it even rains inside!

Is that an English Breakfast with prawn toast or a hash brown?


Here's Sarah and Ed recreating their very own Stone Henge.

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Comment 1 Comment by Jude W-W on 21 Sep 11 at 2:58pm | Quote this comment
They're good! :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Roz woodman on 23 Sep 11 at 8:50pm | Quote this comment
Ace website. MILES better than before! It's great to be able to see what the kids are up to each day.

Keep it coming. Cheers, Roz.
Comment 3 Comment by Lisa C on 24 Sep 11 at 6:42am | Quote this comment
Looks nice but I wouldn't fancy eating it.
Comment 4 Comment by Mollie M on 03 Oct 11 at 2:56pm | Quote this comment
These all look so good the stone henge looks so realistic and the English breakfast looks good enough to eat the dance looks like it would be fun to watch.
Comment 5 Comment by Chloe B on 08 Oct 11 at 7:53pm | Quote this comment
Well done Saskia, I really like the texture.

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