The mysterious forest


As I wondered mindlessly in the silent forest, I looked up at the candy-floss clouds. Suddenly in shock I had a breath taking fall, over a huge bristly bark log and out the corner of my eye it took to my attention a silver shiny tree I crept to it and stepped light footed on top of the crackling twigs on the muddy ground when I got to it I reached my hand out as slow as a snail and put my sensitive finger tips on the neat, smooth, soft and silky bark I gazed un thoughtfully at it at how wonderful it was. I had a strange feeling that there is somebody here so I went to explore I could hear the sound of rummaging around in a massive hole on the ground about 5 meters deep I cautiously  stepped  over it but I fell down were you couldn’t see. Right at the bottom of it there was a colossal amount of space and room enough to fit two elephants in I could hear more. There was a vibrant  blue cupboard I thought I should open it so  I did  there was  a key so I got the key and there magically   appeared a pink door I couldn’t fit in it was to small  I turned round suspiciously  on the table was a small drink saying drink me so I did what happened is…….

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Bailey on 08 Jun 12 at 4:03pm | Quote this comment
Great descriptive writing Rachel - a real pleasure to read

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