How to look arfter an emerald chameleon basis

How to look after an emerald chameleon basis an emerald chameleon basis (ECB) is like non over it is intelligent fast and full of wonder you need to treat them with respect for there are born in our volcanoes and meteors! Habitat The ECB will live any were if there’s water for this insect eating animal. training the ECB is very easy to train because of its intelligence yes you never know what it can do … food never give ECB your food he prefers maple leaves it also likes vegetables and minor insects like flies and moss.


This lizard is a lot like a mix wive mascot Mandeville and a human. Extra he likes to be dressed up he is tame but he likes clowes. Conclusion an animal like this is worth looking after with its intelligence it’s your friend. Glossary intelligence (smartness) Mandeville (mascot of the London Olympics 2012) 

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