The water arob

The Water Arob (Horse)


This glourious creature derives from the Ancient Greek. It lives in the rippling waters of the tropical forest. An Arob can live up to about a hundred and fifty two years in total ! Most Water Arobs grow to approximately one metre wide and up to two metres tall.



The Water Arob (WA) is very horse-like but has golden, shiny hooves with a mane of the finest silk you could ever find. It is no ordinary mane but one that lights up the mid-night sky with magical stardust. The WA has many families; one of them is the fascinating unicorn with a horn as white a snow flake.


The (WA) eats emerald green grass and wild mushrooms to make the beautiful creature thrive. This special diet contains a colossal amount of vitamins and minerals, which is very good for the WA’s brain.



The Water Arob is a very intelligent creature which would do no harm to anyone.There are only about six thousand left in the universe and so we need to take good care of them.


WA means Water Arob
Derives means it comes from

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Comment 1 Comment by Lucy B on 10 May 12 at 10:03am | Quote this comment
Hi Lucy great blog :lol: my tickled pinks are as white as a snow flake,( WA) and rippling waters my growng green is a retorical question. :roll:
Comment 2 Comment by Rachel H on 10 May 12 at 6:38pm | Quote this comment
Hi lucy my tickled pinks are as white as a snow flake , (WA) and rippling waters my growing green is a retoricle question :lol:

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